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Date: Friday - 02.28.20

Tulsa, Ok. -  Coming off a tough loss last weekend to Division leader Little Rock, Tulsa looks to regroup on Saturday against the Arkansas Gryphons.

Silver Lining in Last Week’s Loss

There was much to be happy with while reviewing the Little Rock match.  Coaches were able to see seven (7) players earn their first caps in a Tulsa jersey, and three (3) regular starters had the opportunity to gain experience in positions they aren’t accustomed to.  

The highlight of the match for Tulsa was the finish. The boys scored 2 beautiful tries in the last 5 minutes of the match.

Flanker Jonathan Wrona, playing in his first league match for Tulsa, intercepted a pass in the backline and raced untouched 70 meters to pay dirt. 

In the final set-piece, Tulsa won the scrum and put together an exciting 80-meter try. Multiple great line breaks with positive support lines and crisp passes saw the ball eventually make it into the hands of speedster Tim Gardenhigh who was able to cross the try line and dot down the game’s last score. This try even had the Little Rock faithful on the sidelines up and cheering. 

Who are the Gryphons?

The Gryphons (2-3) currently sit in 2nd place, three (3) points ahead of Tulsa in the Mid-America D2 South division standings. The two teams split victories last season, each defending their home fields. 

The Arkansas Gryphons Rugby Club was founded in 2007 by alumni from the University of Arkansas and John Brown University. Today, the Gryphons continue to build the rugby program in NWA under the leadership of Head Coach Jason Ayers and Assistant Coaches Steve Cooper and Parham Pouladsanj. Former coaches include Mike Brogan, of the UK, and Warren Fyfe, of South Africa.

The Gryphons are a prime example of the power of men with differing backgrounds and nations of origin coming together to achieve a common goal. Players are from all corners of the globe: currently, Australia, England, Scotland, Fiji, New Zealand, South Africa, Peru, Kenya, and the US are all represented. The club is composed of a diverse group of both recent graduates and seasoned business professionals who hold executive positions in companies like Wal-Mart, Tyson, JB Hunt, and other giants in the area. The Gryphons are dedicated to excellence both on and off the field and aim to apply the character, discipline, and integrity that is fundamental to rugby in all areas of their lives.

Try-Line Tavern


🍿🍭🍫- Snacks/Drinks will be available to keep your belly full through the entire game!!

🍻🎟- What goes best w/ RUGBY?! A BEER, of course, we will be taking donations for the *TRYLINE TAVERN* must be 21⬆️ to partake, ID required

🎽- Purchase some TRFC merchandise to show your support

🐶🏉- Does your Furbaby need a new chewie? We will be selling our unusable rugby balls as dog toys in order to recycle and get all the family members involved in RUGBY!! Ollie loves playing with his!!


Fans are invited out to Tulsa Rugby Pitch to watch Saturday’s match, which kicks off at 2pm. Gates and the Try-Line Tavern open at 1pm.

Tulsa Roster Gryphons Roster

#1 - Mbam, Bear (FR)


#1 - Boggs, Ryan (FR)

#2 - Wilson, Dominate (FR)


#2 - Thumbutu, Ademote (FR)

#3 - Zenishek, Po (FR)


#3 - Carothers, Luke (FR)

#4 - Lindblad, Pierce


#4 - Robertson, David

#5 - Simmons, Juice


#5 - Raney, Lee

#6 - Ennis, Brendan


#6 - Williams, Torrence

#7 - Wrona, Jonathan


#7 - Wolverton, Josh

#8 - Wilkinson, Dakota


#8 - McDonnell, Robert

#9 - Shipley, Pete


#9 - Bolthouse, Caleb

#10 - Young, Ky


#10 - Olivier, Aiden

#11 - Gardenhigh, Tim


#11 - Villines, Marcus

#12 - Ringer, Ethan


#12 - Carothers, Liam

#13 - Sandoval, David


#13 - Blockhus, Brett

#14 - Meyer, Parker


#14 - Dyer, Billy 

#15 - Persinger, Josiah


#15 - Masotto, Frank

#16 - Lyons, Dame


#16 - Cyr, Kenny

#17 - Lane, Mason (FR)


#17 - McWilliams, Connor

#18 - Rude, Austin (FR)


#18 - Williams, Robert

#19 - Stone, Britin (FR)


#19 - Gann, Alan

#20 - Turner, Luke (FR)


#20 - Fore, Beau

#21 - Smith, Rashaad


#22 - Adderley, Gevaun


#23 - Elliott, Juvon

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