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Tulsa Outpaces OSU in Stillwater Back
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Date: Saturday - 02.15.20

Tulsa Outpaces Oklahoma State University in Friendly Exhibition 

Stillwater, Ok. -  Tulsa topped Oklahoma State 40 -7 in an exciting pre-season friendly on campus at Oklahoma State in Stillwater on Saturday. 

“Overall we’re pleased with the effort from the team this weekend in their first game.  We committed to work hard to create opportunities for each other coming into this game. We created quite a few opportunities and were able to convert a handful of them.   Learned a little bit about our depth and certainly will take away plenty of things to work on before we head to Little Rock next weekend” said Coach, Roger Gassett.

Starting Roster

1. Mason Lane 

2. George Perry  

3. Brandon Hancock

4. Steven Zenishek

5. Pierce Linblad

6. David Peebles 

7. Dom Wilson

8. Dakota Wilkinson

9. Pete Shipley

10. Logan Singleton

11. Tim Gardenhigh

12. Britin Stone

13. Ky Young

14. Parker Meyer

15. Josiah Persinger


16. Ebere Mbam

17. Tyler Davis

18. Brenden Ennis

19. Rashaad Smith

20. Ethan Ringer

21. Sadique Tiouti

22. Cody West

23. Dameyan Lyons

24. Auburn Love

25. Javon

Coaching Staff

Roger Gassett

Jack Meek
Luke Turner

Tries: Young; Ringer; Wilkinson; Lane; Singleton (2); 

Conversions: Shipley (4); Singleton

Penalty kicks: Shipley 0/1

Next Match

Saturday, February 22nd

Little Rock, AR

Photos from Glory Woolley

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