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Location: Pearl Beach Brew Pub Start Date: Thursday - 11.19.20 End Date: Thursday - 01.21.21 Start Time: 06:00pm End Time: 10:00pm


Beach Rugby is a 5 a side (rolling subs) touch rugby tournament. Each game is played for 7 minutes one way. Each team is allowed a squad of up to 10 players.

There must only be 5 players from each team on the pitch at any one time (the substitutes will be situated under the posts at either end of the pitch)

If you want to make a rolling sub you must inform the 2 referees.

A touch or a tackle consists of a 2 handed touch around the hips/torso area

The game is then restarted by the attacking team tapping the ball off their knee, off their foot or off the ground before giving a pass.

The team in possession are allowed up to 3 touches / tackles before the ball is turned over.

In the occurrence of a turnover in possession or a knock on, the defending team must drop back 3 metres and the attacking team must restart play by tapping the ball off their knee, off their foot or off the ground before giving a pass.

There is NO kicking other than at the restart.

A try is scored when a player touches the ball down securely on the inflatable boundary on the attacking end of the pitch.

A try should still be given if the player is touched in the motion of scoring – subject to the discretion of the referee.

If the defending team attempts an interception and the ball goes to ground, the attacking team regains possession and gain a new set of 3 touches or tackles.

A deliberate knock-on when intercepting will result in a penalty being given. The attacking side will receive a free pass. If extremely cynical; then a yellow card may be given.

A yellow card means a player has to spend 2 minutes off the pitch and their team will play with just 4 players.

A player receiving a red card (very unlikely) will remain off the pitch for the rest of the game


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